Monday, February 12, 2018

Swimming to Ride

I think I have mentioned that I have 100+ pounds to lose. With the weight I have lost, I would be happy with losing just 100 lbs right now. I would be above what the charts say I should weigh, but I would be at a healthier weight than I am now and I will be thin enough to ride.

Salads and soups are playing one role in taking the weight off, another is swimming. With my weight, I have issues with my joints, particularly my knees. Water takes off the weight off of my knees allowing me to walk, jump, and move around. I started out with just walking in the water.

Walking can be boring and sometimes I can't use the outside lanes I need to do it. In the middle of pool it gets deeper and I am too buoyant. I found a lot of great exercises to do here. Most of these exercise are easy to do and require no equipment.

In addition, I was excited to learn that I can still swim. I was worried about my shoulders for a bit but I am able to still do free style, backstroke, and side strokes.

My goal is 30 minutes every other day, right now I am up to 30 minutes at least 2x a week. I mean seriously people, it's cold out there!

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