Sunday, February 4, 2018

Indy - The first visit

Fairly good about being groomed, but just so nervous. I kept quietly moving her back to the center of the aisle. She was so muddy and I honestly groomed her for as long as I could before I started having troubles breathing. Oh yeah, I'm allergic to horses. So we moved to the indoor to do a little ground work. Just to see what she knows and doesn't.

Basking in the glow of some good horse time, I have found a little time to sit down and blog about the experience.

This is Indy.  It is not my photo, and I was waiting to post until I was actually able to take my own photos, but this is proving to be more difficult that one might assume. So I searched through their facebook back until I found a photo Indy, I have cut out the person and the photo is not the best, but really a photo is a photo.

Indy is kept at a stable about 30 minutes away, and of course, out in the the country. I use my phone's gps, to find my way down there, but unfortunately once I got down there, my phone died. No pictures, and well, the 30 min down there took an hour and a half to get back.

Back to getting down there. This was my first time working with Indy, and since I didn't know for sure who she was I had to wait for the barn manager. Walking around, I met the barn cat. The pasture horses are kept in dry lots with a round bale of hay, while the stalled horses are kept in a larger dry lot.

Indy is kept with Doc, the other horse I am allowed to work with, but my heart was reaching out to the little red head. So when the barn manger got out I asked who I wanted, I said Indy.

Halter in hand I brought the girl in. Instant we walk though the doors into the aisle, cow pies. During the time I was grooming her I think we has 8 piles, 8 lightly liquid, poops. She dances on the cross ties and as soon as I walked away she swings her hips from one side of the aisle to the other. Of course, smearing the liquid poops.

Lookie Lou! OMG! She just looks and looks and looks! Indy would give me her attention some, she would listen, but constantly looking out the arena door. We just did some ground work, disengaging hip, flexion, moving left and right.

As I said, I am trying to get to know her and let her get to know me. I think it is going to be a slow process with her. I don't know much about what has been done with her, but slowly we will get trust in each other.

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