Thursday, February 8, 2018

Indy- Second Visit

This is another photo I lifted off of facebook of Indy because yet again, my phone died when I went to take pictures. I am going to have to work on that!

My second visit with Indy included more people. Eek!
I have some social anxiety, which means that I get uncomfortable around people I don't know. Although I will try to go to the barn with nobody is there, I have not found out when that is. Sometimes I will leave places when I feel uncomfortable, and rarely will I go somewhere where I don't have an escape plan.

I make an exception for the barn because horses are so calming for me. I need them and I think I have found the perfect opportunity to play with a horse without having to deal with other people too much.

I am pretty sure that I am the only one messing around with Indy right now. I might work with Doc next week also. I am trying to not fall in love with her. I do want to buy a horse eventually, and I don't know if that will be Indy or not. As far as I know, the owner doesn't have any interest in selling. Anyway, that is getting a bit ahead of myself.

So I go into the barn with lots of people milling around. They were headed out some where. I head out to the paddocks and grab Indy. She is no problem to catch, just waits for the halter to be put on. We walk into the barn, walk though the door and plop ... plop ... plop. Just like clock work.

Now, I am starting to think ... looser manure like that is not just "I have to poop," poop. She is nervous walking into the barn. Why though?

Well I decide this time that I am going to again, move her back into position if she starts moving around too much, but gently. She is telling me that she is nervous about something. Maybe she has been corrected too harshly on the cross ties and she knows what is coming? Maybe she is nervous about being worked?

She acts something like this girl. The further I move away the more she dances around. Indy is relative okay when standing next to her, but does become more agitated when taking a long time to groom. Poor girl, I hope I can get to enjoy being pampered.

I did get a bit agitated when this older gentleman, who is the father of one of the girls boarding, was watching me in the indoor and then after I was grooming again, he yelled at Indy, which I admit- really annoyed me.

I whispered to Indy that this was not my first rodeo. After that he would only whisper to his wife.

In the arena, he also stopped and watched me as I was making sure that Indy desensitized to the lead rope. I hate being watched. I mean seriously ... who likes it when someone just stops and watches them.

Anyway, Indy was a little more full of herself. To the left, easy peasy. To the right, holy hell, when demon possessed you Indy! I finally got out a lunge line, just so I could get a little more distance between us. She was popping up, but I was not sure if she was wanting to buck also. It was cooler and so I think she was just feeling her oats. She calmed down, well as much as I have seen Indy calm down. Still definitely looking all around. A horse was tied to a trailer outside the arena door and that was fascinating.

All in all, I think it was a good session. A lot less pooping in the aisle this week, depending on the weather I might start grooming her outside.

Things to ponder. . .

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