Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dollar Store Finds for the Tack Trunk

We all know that we can spend as much as we want on horse. Seriously there is no upper limit you can spend on horses. Keeping the number down to a reasonable number is much more difficult. So anyway I can save a few pennies is a few more pennies I can put toward the purchase of my eventual horse.

Although I am only leasing Indy, the owner's grooming supplies are locked up. So it is just easiest for me to have my own. Plus I just like having my own. In a little barn in Wisconsin are all the groom brushes I need, unfortunately they are about 2 hours away and I have not had time to go and get them.

Additionally, shortly after moving down here I let my hubby use my grooming tote for tools. Then he broke it. Men!

SO - now I get to get a new grooming tote and stuff. Oh darn! 😏

Anyway back to stuff to get at Dollar Tree.

 First are cleasing wipes. I swear these have 101 uses:
* wiping off a horse nose,
* cleaning your own hands
* wiping down a leg
* off a small wound
* cleaning mud from boots
* wiping buckets
* cleaning faces .. yours and your horses
Seriously barns are dirty.

Another handy thing to wipe things off with is a towel. And this is a mircofiber towel so it will pick all that dust left over from a good grooming. Even if you are not going in to the show ring, it is nice to do a through wiping down from time to time.

Plus, again, you can wipe off your hands, boots, tack, etc.

And you no doubt notice is both pictures I have a hair brush. I like this one because is it a little stiffer then most brushes, but not as stiff as typical mane brushes. I am really looking forward to using this to get out mud from Indy's tail.

Anyone need a bath? This microfiber washmit for horses will be perfect for bath time.  I found a microfiber wash sponge on a tack site for $5! Five Dollars! This is a steal for only $1.

And don't get me started on brushes! I plan on going back for a few more brushes after I get my new grooming kit.

Cross fingers it will be here on Friday! Probably won't, but hopefully!

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