Friday, February 9, 2018

My Next Partner? Thomas the Tank

Tank, as he is called right now, is a Mustang. He was born in the wilds of Nevada and was captured as a yearling. What happened to him after that is anyone's guess.

In August a recuse pulled him out of a kill pen. They have nursed him back to health and tried to figure out what he knows. He has been saddled, but has not been educated much to the bridle.

I found him on a FB page for the rescue. I fell in love with that big jug head!
I honestly can not tell you what it is about him, but I just love him. Although I have not met him yet. I have watched a few videos, talked to the rescue and just stare at these pictures. Everything seems to be working out. I have a place for him at the stable where I lease Indy. They have one spot open.

Now I am just waiting for a few more pieces to slip into place. Hopefully, he will be mine by the end of the month.

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