Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bucket List

This is a bucket list of horse related things I would like to do. It seemed like a good post to make as I am waiting for Tank. 3 more days.

Horse Related Things

  1. See a herd of wild mustangs
  2. Watch the Lipizzaner Stallions in Vienna, Austria 
  3. Ride on the beach
  4. Camp with horses
  5. Teach Tank at least 10 tricks
    1. touch
    2. fetch
    3. bow
    4. leg up
    5. Spanish walk
    6. stand
    7. come
    8. head down
    9. hold your foot up
    10. back up
  6. Teach Tank to ground  drive
  7. Run a barrel pattern
  8. Enter a photo show
  9. Ride Tank
  10. Take Tank on a trail ride
  11. Ride upper level dressage movements: pirouette, passage and piaffe
  12. Ride a Norwegian Fjord
  13. Drive a Norwegian Fjord
  14. Drive 4 in hand
  15. Win a blue ribbon
  16. Have a professional pictures taken of my horse and I
  17. Attend a fun show
  18. Ride side saddle
  19. Ride bridleless and saddleless. 
  20. Be in a breed demo at the Midwest Horse Fair
  21. Teach a horse to paint
  22. Learn to throw a lasso
  23. Play with horse soccer ball
  24. Ride a dressage test, at home or at a show
  25. Use body paint on my horse
  26. Watch the Kentucky Derby at Church Hill Downs dressed to the nines
  27. Share a bond with a horse that is deeper than words ... again
  28. Have the courage to do that right thing by my horse, even when it is difficult
  29. Ride a cutting horse
  30. Attend the clinic of an equestrian icon
  31. Watch a polo match live
  32. Own a mustang ;)
  33. Curl up with laying down horse
  34. Crochet or knit ear fly thingy 
  35. Make a knit/ crochet amigurumi of Tank
  36. Attend Pony Penning Days in Chincoteague

More items will be added as I think of them.

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