Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Salads are fun and delicious!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am trying to lose weight, but more importantly, get healthy. It really sucks getting home at night and having no energy for anything. It makes my entire week all about working. I do very little cleaning or anything else because I was so tired.

Well after a we concerning events when it came to hubby and my health, we have made some changes. One is salads for lunch and dinner. Lots and lots of salad. My jerk loving hubby lost a lot of weight just doing this. I am so pissed happy for him! All joking aside, I am glad that he is making progress, but wish it was as easy for me. It is not.

I don't like to diet, meaning I don't want to go on strange diets with the idea that this is only temporary. I make changes to what I eat, so this is not a temporary fit. Luckily I really do like to eat veggies, it is just easier to pick up a quick lunch at 7-11 or bring left overs. So slicing, dicing, and chopping gets to be a drag, but if I doing it for hubby anyway, it is easier. Making less carbs is actually easy for me too. I like squash and veggies instead of pasta and rice.

One thing that makes it easier is the
Seriously! This thing is fun to use and makes chopping onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, just about anything to want to chop, a lot easier.

I also have lots of add in. My personal favorites are baby corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and artichoke hearts. YUM! Oh Oh and BACON!!!! Okay okay, not bacon.

All in all I have lost 10 lbs. just drop in the bucket, but I am moving in the right direction.

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