Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I have a horse to play with!

Actually 2!

Working all day, knowing that your life is about to change afterwards is so hard. Even so, I really was in a good mood. 

Because ... 
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The thought of just being around horses again, just made it worth the wait.

And it was ...

I really like the people I met at the barn. Sometimes you just get a vibe and the one I felt was like walking into a SmartPak video of things horse people say. Horse standing in on cross ties with half the blanket ripped. Couple of people standing around trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Another horse on the cross ties, just chilling and waiting to be groomed. A girl on a horse with her parents watching her ride. I just had a feeling like I was home.

The trainer I met has a string of lesson horses and two that are not used as often. They were out in the paddock, and it was muddy so I didn't get to see them, but I am excited to the next time I go out. They are not really great about standing on cross ties and need a little work on ground manners. Also, because they are for more advanced riders, they just don't get used as often.

What I get out of it is two horses and I can fool around with once a week. Although I have not met either of the horses, I am really excited to meet them the next time out. Getting used to standing on cross ties, means lots of grooming and messing with them. I have a great book on braids that I am excited to try out.

For now I am happy just to know that there are two horses that are going to get some love and attention.

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