Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Going to see a woman about a horse.

Leasing a horse: Paying someone else to play with their horse.

In my current situation, I have no horse, I have no barn to keep a horse, and I have no way to get a horse, I weight too much to ride a horse, and I have hubby that isn't convinced I need a horse. I am working on all of those things.

After consulting with other horsie people on the internet, cause ya know when you don't know what to do you should ask random people on the internet, I got three main suggestions. The first of which was to take lessons. A great idea if you want to ride or drive, I don't/ can't right now. Another idea that was suggested was to volunteer. I like the idea of giving back. Finally, the last idea tossed around was to lease.

I am not in a position to ride or take lessons right now, I'll talk more about that later. Although I would jump at the change to take driving lessons, they are hard to find around here. So taking lessons is out, but the last two ideas held the some promise.

Volunteering appeals to me. I want to help others, horses, people, etc, in need. I have found a place to do some volunteering and I will get to that in a few days.

Leasing a horse was highly suggested also. I did try to do this last year with horrible results. But I think a lot of that stemmed from the fact the owner could not see any reason to be with a horse if you are not on it's back and she was not only young, but immature. Many leases I found advertised were private owners wanting their horses to be worked. I am leery to go back that way. When I saw several horses listed for the same person to be lease, I thought that might hold some potential.

I was up front with the lady. I am not going to ride. I have 30 + years of experience with horses and don't own one right now. I just want to spend some time on the ground with the horses. Messing around, grooming, going for walks, working on ground manners, that type of thing. She seemed open to that idea and so tonight I am going out to see her horses.

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  1. Good luck finding a situation that works for you and I hope you find the perfect horse and people to work with. Good to see you back.


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